[Shift Work Calendar][iOS] Old add-on takeover

The additional functions we provided as add-ons previously for Shift Work Calendar ver. 3.0 and later are now available when you purchase the premium plan.

However, you can keep using the purchased add-on functions on the older versions without purchasing the premium plan.

The following add-ons are applicable:

  • Remove ads
  • Multiple users
  • iPhone calendar synchronization
  • Google calendar synchronization

How to take over

In case of updating the free version

Please tap “Restore” below on the screen and restore the purchase information.

In case of the paid version

You can transfer in the following manner if you purchased the paid version that is no longer on sale while using ad-ons.

In order to transfer, please save a backup at iCloud with the old paid version and load it with the new version. Then, the usage information of the add-ons will be transferred as well.

Operations on the old paid version

  1. Open “Others”
  2. Tap “Back up data”

Operations on the new version (this app)

  1. Open “Menu”
  2. Open “Settings”
  3. Open “Data Management”
  4. Tap “Restore from old data format”


When you restore, you need to log into App Store with the Apple ID you used to purchase. If you can’t restore, please check your Apple ID.

In order to transfer data from the paid version, Shift Work Calendar needs to be enabled on iCloud.

Some of the new functions in future updates will not be available unless you purchase the premium plan.