[ShiftWorkCal] [iOS] Paid version will not be available on iOS 11. We recommend you to move to the latest free version.

Although it is a paid version of shift work calendar which is currently discontinued, it will be unusable in the next iOS 11 scheduled to be upgraded this autumn.

We recommend you to move to the free version.

Please refer to the following article on taking over of data and add-ons.

Old add-on takeover

If you update the OS to 11, the application (paid version) will not start, so please do so before updating the OS.

Please note that if you update the OS before migration, you will not be able to take over the add-on purchase situation with the paid version.

Problem on ver 2.8.0

This problem was fixed on ver 2.8.1.

Please update to ver 2.8.1


Thank you for using Shift Work Calendar.

In ver 2.8.0, if you run in iOS7, layout will collapse .

We’ve already submitted to Apple , a modified version of this problem .

However , application review department of the Apple App Store is a Christmas vacation until 12/ 28 .

Therefore , this app will be released , to 12/ 28 or later

Modified version to release , for the inconvenience very sorry .
Please wait until release .

Also, because of this problem , but you have to state indelible and not press a close button when you open a note in the calendar screen .
In this case , please let me restart once the app .

1 . I press twice the home screen

2 . App list of recently used is displayed , to turn off Flick on this app

3 . I will start from the home screen Shifukare

A matter of time , and then apologize for the great inconvenience , did not apologize to everyone for the user .